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HCP centrifugal pump

Hygienic, compact and highly efficient design

The PROLAC HCP range consists of close-coupled, compact and highly efficient centrifugal pumps with hygienic design. They are particularly indicated for use as a main pump in food and beverage, as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. 

The range includes 12 models spread evenly across the selection chart, enabling simple selection of a pump close to its best efficiency point (BEP) based on the working point.

High performance levels and a very low noise level have been achieved by using advanced fluid simulation techniques and a thorough testing programme. This results in gentle product pumping and only a minimal temperature impact on the fluid.

The NPSH required values for the Prolac HCPs are particularly low and generally better than those of their direct competitors. This means that there is a very low risk of cavitation and that inductors are not necessary. 

They also represent robust pumps in the category, as the entire range have a nominal pressure of 16 bars.

Standard motors, compliance with standards and simplified mechanical seals 

The motors are to IEC standard and protected with a stainless-steel shroud. The feet are height-adjustable with a hygienic design. The entire range is also available for the USA market, enabling the fitting of NEMA standard motors. 

Every elastomer on the standard version complies with the food industry’s most stringent certifications; certified according to the standards of  EC-1935/2004, FDA and 3-A. The HCP-WFI version also complies with USP Class VI. 

The mechanical seals are fully hygienic with an EHEDG and 3-A approved design. It has a simple design using fewer parts, making maintenance easier, but it remains robust and reliable, and can handle up to 16 bars of pressure. The range is extensive with 12 models, which only features two diameters of mechanical seals (25 mm and 35 mm). 

The double mechanical seal -assembly is very simple and cost effective since it is formed of two standard single mechanical seals. Reducing the number of parts and makes maintenance simpler, while significantly reducing the cost compared to that of a regular double mechanical seal.

Effective CIP/SIP cleaning guaranteed. The importance of the internal surface finish 

The pump is designed in accordance with EHEDG recommendations and authorised to carry 3-A symbol, meaning it can be cleaned by CIP/SIP systems without disassembly. 

The internal surface finish is a very important aspect when it comes to improving the cleaning process. The standard surface finish in the Prolac HCP is RA <0.8 μm. This finish is recommended internationally for pumps used in the food industry (by both the EHEDG and 3-A), given that the better the internal finish in the pump, the lower the risk of product contamination and the easier it is to clean. This all derives in lower costs for the end user as the cleaning process is simplified.

These finishes are in the standard Prolac HCP version, so there is no increase in the base price.

Prolac HCP versions

HCP-N: a close-coupled centrifugal pump for NEMA motor.

HCP-WFI: a combination of the common options used in the pharmaceutical industry.

HCP-SP: the self-priming version. We simply change the housing of a standard Prolac HCP to convert it into a self-priming pump.

HCP-ATEX: the entire range is available with ATEX certification, making it suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

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