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Worldwide demand for hand sanitiser has grown significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19. The INOXPA group have a range of different hydroalcoholic gel production proposals. From a small production unit using standard skid-based equipment with options, or customised units to providing process versatility. Catering for current and future needs, not only for sanitizer, but other types of products. We can also provide complete turn-key lines for mass production, adapted to customer needs. Including storage tanks for raw materials like alcohol, premixes if required, water loops, etc., along with installation services, project management, validations, and start-up. All guaranteed by our Engineering Department’s experience in implementing projects and equipment in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.

This type of gel is normally manufactured at room temperature, using a base raw material containing a high percentage of 96º ethanol, with concentrations over 60% in most applications, and even reaching concentrations close to 90%.

Other substances that differentiate the manufacturing of this type of gels are carbopol and glycerine, which are used in different proportions.

The recipe is completed by adding water in a range of percentages, and minority ingredients, such as fragrance. 

The CMC-ATEX mixing equipment is an example of an INOXPA skid. This equipment provides quick hydrocolloid product dispersion.

The ATEX version of this equipment, for use with products with the potential to create an explosive atmosphere. The main application is to manufacture hand sanitisers, which usually contain a significant amount of alcohol.

Hydrocolloid compounds normally come in the form of dry powder that needs to be dispersed in a solvent to obtain the required colloid solution.

On coming into contact with the solvent, these powders quickly agglomerate, so obtaining a homogeneous mix with a conventional agitator is difficult. This is why this mixing equipment uses a rotor-stator mixer in the bottom of the tank that shears the product, increasing the contact surface area between the solvent and the additive.

In the same tank, a cowler-type vertical agitator efficiently circulates the powders towards the mixer’s lower head and also helps to reduce the dispersion time.

A product can become very viscous when the process requires high concentrations of gelling agents, so using an additional anchor type agitator to ensure a completely mixed product may be necessary.

With its standard configuration, this equipment is set up to work with products up to 5000 cP. The configuration can be adapted accordingly for use with more viscous products.

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